Superfrico Crispy cheese

Snack 100% Crispy cheese.
Ready to serve ! Perfect for restaurants,
bars, wine bars or at any time of the day.
High content of calcium nad phosphorus
Gluten free - lactose free

The modern snack for the aperitif

Frico as you’ve never eaten it before. SUPERFRICO offers pieces of crunchy cheese as if they were potato chips, but completely natural and free of added preservatives. This is why they are ideal for every occasion. Definitely a tasty snack, whose recipe comes from the Friulian culinary tradition revealing itself, which often happens with the dishes of the past, incredibly in tune with the times. Being light, digestible and rich in proteins, SUPERFRICO is perfectly suited for modern diets.

As a delicious snack or in combination with an alcoholic aperitif, such as a good Friulian wine, a beer or even any non-alcoholic drink. Perfect also paired with balsamic vinegar jellies and fruit mustards, or added to smaller pieces in soups and soups. Also a great option for creative finger food

An incredible cocktail of mixed cheeses and dairy aged for a various amount of time, are then cooked together to form a crunchy, gluten-free and lactose-free crouton

SUPERFRICO does not need any kind of preparation, just open the bag and eat! The crunchy and tasty pieces of cheese are ready simple and easy to consume in one or two bites. It is easy to store and you can always take it with you, whether it be to school, work, or on an excursion.

SUPERFRICO is for everyone! Frico can be a quick snack in the office, a snack on the beach, finger food, also perfect to keep in the hold of a boat, or to put it in your backpack for a hiking or biking trip in the mountains. Also suitable for celiacs as it is included in the annual AIC handbook. Additionally good for vegetarians and lactose intolerant.

SUPERFRICO is cooked in the oven, not fried

Compra adesso

Crispy snack for all the people !

SUPERFRICO by Savio is a ready-meal:  open, eat and enjoy… at any time of the day. I can be served as an appetizer or main dish, dependingon your faney!

Excellent served with chutneys or pickles.

Rapid, complete, suitable for every course! Light, digestible, low fat.

Ready to serve! Perfect for restaurants, bars, wine bars and pub !

gluten free – lactose free

Finger food – crispy cheese !

Ready to eat

Baked natural 100% cheese with no added preservatives

SUPERFRICO contains calcium, phosphorus and protein. Gluten free – lactose free


Your apetizer!

SuperFrico for your apetizer!

SUPERFRICO is convenient snack for your “aperitivo”, with wine and beer or others drinks.