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Frico with potatoes and mashrooms

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Scadenza 4 mesi

Conservazione +6°

Peso 180g

Product Description

Frico is an aromatic and fragrant dish standing for true essence of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in northestern Italy.

A selected mixture of cheeses and latteria of different aging is cooked and blended with potatoes to form a compact crispy pie. In this variant, mashrooms  are added to the recipe, making it tastier.

Three Reasons are should buy Frico Friuli?

  1. Ingredients are gluten free with no chemical added preservatives.
  2. Easy to prepare: 5 minutes in frying pan or 1/2 minutes in microwave.
  3. Long shelf life up to 6 months in refrigerated temperature + 6°

Traditional preparation:

  1. Open the vacuum packaging
  2. Put in a frying pan and warm it up for 5 minutes until it becomes golden on both sides

In the owen:

  1. Open the vacuum packaging
  2. Warm the owen at 200° and put inside Frico for 5 minutes until it becomes golden.

Fast preparation:

  1. Open the vacuum packaging (you can only cut the pack )
  2. Warm it for 2 minutes a 750W
Valori medi/Mean Values 100gr
Energia/Energy kcal 210 kJ 878
Grassi/Fat 12g
di cui Acidi Grassi Saturi/of which Saturates 8,8 g
Carboidrati/Carbohydrate 9,7 g
di cui Zuccheri/of which Sugars 2,9 g
Proteine/protein 14,1 g
Sale/Salt 1,2 g