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Frico Friuli 26g – 30 pieces

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Peso 26g - confezione da 30 pezzi

Product Description

Mixture of dairy and Montasio cheeses, artisan cooked, therefore, removing natural cheese fats until a delicate toasted wafer is formed. The antique traditional method of cooking, from generations passed, forms the typically irregular shape and golden colour. It is an ideal accompaniment with apéritifs or as a snack alone at any moment of the day.

TO USE: Ready to eat! Just open the sealed package, break, and enjoy at any moment of the day. We will guarantee it is an ideal accompaniment with apéritifs, wine or beer!!! If prefered, it may be quickly heated in a microwave oven….

THE DIFFERENCE: Our Crispy Frico differs from the rest because of its crispiness and lightness. Infact, we were able to lower the fat content from 55% to 42% rendering our Frico highly digestible.

This packaging is ideal for 1 person.

Owen baked not fried – Gluten Free – Lactose free

Valori medi/Mean Values 100gr per 20g di prodotto
Energia/Energy kcal 556 kJ 2311 kcal 111,2 kJ 462,2
Grassi/Fat 42 g 8,4 g
di cui Acidi Grassi Saturi/of which Saturates 30 g 6,1 g
Carboidrati/Carbohydrate 0 g
di cui Zuccheri/of which Sugars 0 g
Proteine/protein 44 g 8,9 g
Sale/Salt 1,9 g 0,38 g
Calcio/Calcium 1386,2 mg VNR/NRVs* 173% 277,2 mg VNR/NRVs* 35%
Fosforo/Phosphorus 877,6 mg VNR/NRVs* 125% 175,5 mg VNR/NRVs* 25%
*Valori nutrivi di riferimento *Nutrient reference values