Frico with potatoes

(Italiano) …da riscaldare un attimo nella padella antiaderente
o nel forno, e poi servire!
I suoi abbinamenti ideali, che derivano dalla tradizione friulana,
sono la polenta e un buon bicchiere di vino.


FRICO FRIULI is a golden pie made with diced potatoes and Latteria and Montasio cheese. The cheese melts within the potatoes and the Frico is ready when it has crispy, golden surface on both sides.

Delicious and yet totally healthy: Frico is gluten-free and perfect for your vegetarian needs.

Frico is an ancient recipe from mountains of Italy, made centuries ago as a robust meal after the work in the fields.

What else could be more comforting than a slice of Frico and a glass of wine?

Ideally Frico Friuli is served as an appetizer with a glass of wine, but you can use it as a main course, as the base for a dish in place of bread (gluten-free anyone?). Frico is the Italian specialty to “wow” your guests.

Serve Frico “as is” or with “polenta” (Italian grits) or cold cuts, Like San Daniele prosciutto: it comes from the land of Frico, so it’s a perfect marriage.

We have prepared FRICO FRIULI for you in our facility in Friuli, Italy. We use only natural ingredients like has been done for hundred of years: potatoes and cheese from our mountains.

We make it into a pai, packege it, refrigrate it and ship it all the world.

So everything is done for you. Just open the package, put Frico in a frying pan, heat it for 3-5 minutes until it has a golden crust on both sides