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The Savio house has been operating as a wholesaler in dairy sector for 70 years and is distinguished amongst the rest for their continual research in new products-fruit of modern food technologies. They are in constant rapport with artisan realities that, with time, have unchanged the taste of yesteryear thanks to the continual use of local antique traditions.

Thanks to these choices, Savio as well as offering wholesale products, also offers specialised points of sale catering to the consumer, by their participation in trade exhibitions which offer gastronomic specialities from each Italian region: cheese, delicatessen meats, pasta, oil, balsamic vinegar, wines, prosciutto of every quality, and speciality grappa.

Beautiful gift-baskets of our products can be obtained by special order.

We welcome you with competency and kindness, giving you our experience and professionalism, assuring to satisfy even the most exigent palates.



Offices and laboratory

via Tese, 3

33010 Bueriis di Magnano in Riviera (UD)

Tel. +39 0432 783877
Fax +39 0432 785190

e-mail: info@fricosavio.it


Via De Pilosio, 8

33019 Tricesimo (Udine)
Tel +39 0432 881744

e-mail: giorgio@fricosavio.it