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Production area

A panoramic picture of our new laboratory, with certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and BRC Global Standard Food, in a beautiful green park.

if you can not see, download here


Download here Frico di Patate PowerPoint (627 Kb)

Download here Frico PowerPoint(472 Kb)

Download here our brochure pdf (333 Kb)

Data sheet of Frico astuccio 2x70g - pdf (200 Kb)

Data sheet Frico Friuli 42g - pdf (485 Kb)

Data Sheet Frico Friuli 150g - pdf (485 Kb)

Data sheet 5 foglie 140g - pdf (185 Kb)

Data sheet Frico Friuli Vending 26g - (417 Kb)

Data sheet Frico di Patate 195g - pdf (418 Kb)

Spot Frico with Potatoes in quick time (2,5 mb)


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